What happens after you land a book deal?

OMG. A book deal. The biggest f*ing thing to ever happen. So incredible that I wrote this in an e-mail to my closest friends:

“I’ve always wanted to be able to have this news be the most exciting news I share with all of you ever…as opposed to telling you all I got engaged, or something.”

Because landing a book deal is a huge accomplishment. I mean the hours, the years, the number of “drawer novels” that will never see the light of day. It’s all part of the process, part of the craft. Not to mention the shear competitiveness of the market.  And as was aptly put in this 2016 HuffPo article by Natalie Brooke, “It is 2016 and being popped the question is still more celebrated than academic and professional pursuits of women.” 

Thus, IMO landing a book deal is a big f*ing deal, even bigger than some of our other celebrated milestones in life.

But when the confetti showers come to an end, and the grass looks the same color of green as it always has, reality settles in and you realize all the internet forums you’ve scoured for advice on querying and writing that perfect twitter pitch that you never ended up writing, aren’t going to help you now.

Join me here as I scour the web, navigate my way through a debut, and reveal what I see on the other side of the publishing curtain.